Mr.Green (aka Bean) autonomous Vehicle

Mr.Green (aka Bean)

Arduino based Robot - explore/avoid obstacles with Behavioral patterns (to bring a bit of Soul).

Hopefully a new generation of Bots that need therapy.

Mr.Green in action

Very nice! I especially like your video style ;)

Thanks for your encouragement ::) - it was great Fun to make ;D

There are some nice tips Here on how to Video

That’s a pretty sweet bot. :slight_smile:

Thanks for compliment, its my first integration of the Arduino into a working model ......

.. Mr.Green (driver with international driving licence) is made from the web site. They are a lot of work, however each one has its own life.... :o

Mr.Green has been discovered by Makezine a super site for new ideas including Arduino :-

The Little 8-)green DriverBot 8-) is StarStruck. (no Oscars Yet)