Mr Roboto - my first project - bluetooth


I've just finished my first project using a arduinoBT

I've called him Mr Roboto and he scrapes the website and displays in his chest the number of registered users each day. If there is a new user then the number goes up one and his eyes flash for 30 secs and a light also flashes inside his chest. Also its monitoring a few other websites via pingdom and if one of those goes down then he displays 999 and flashes his eyes too.

I used 3 x 4511 BCD->7 segment drivers and a 2N2222 to drive the LEDS. I'll post some pics and the code if anyone wants it.

Mr Roboto

Mr Roboto at work

Inside the chest


looks great, could u post the code? how do u comunicate with your pc and arduinobt ? (;

very nice for a first project