Mr.Tidy (Mega Version), Autonomous colour gripper

This is the latest Autonomous programming project i am working on - using an Arduino Mega compatible.

The full details can be seen here at The three videos here show my programming progress from start to finish. All videos show him in Autonomous mode.

Awesome. Nicely Done.

Thanks ......It was a cool programming project to undertake - with lots of candle burning hours and hair-pulling to boot.......

The intelligence of the color sensing and the smarts behind using the gripper arm for stacking must have been fun challenges.

I particularly liked the randomness of the hunting/avoidance routines that avoided getting stuck in a loop by taking into account... boredom.

That's really cool.

I like the "fuzzy logic" parts. It's pretty funny what can go wrong (right?).

Yes when you include the environment that the "Bot" moves around in there is a lot of "Fuzziness" - it gives character - nothing is perfect. "Expect the Unexpected"

To get him to tidy as quickly as possible i had to install the boredom/patience routines. He keeps a track of the number of repetitive actions, if he makes more than 20 repetitive actions then he kicks in his "lets do something else routine" The colour detect is good for 8 colours - the sensor has a double purpose - it checks the distance to object as well...