Mrf24J40Ma with Arduino Nano

Hello all !

  • I have some question about mrf24j40ma with arduino.
  • Code:
 * Example code for using a microchip mrf24j40 module to send simple packets
 * Requirements: 3 pins for spi, 3 pins for reset, chip select and interrupt
 * notifications
 * This example file is considered to be in the public domain
 * Originally written by Karl Palsson,, March 2011
#include <SPI.h>
#include <mrf24j.h>

const int pin_reset = 6;
const int pin_cs = 10; // default CS pin on ATmega8/168/328
const int pin_interrupt = 2; // default interrupt pin on ATmega8/168/328

Mrf24j mrf(pin_reset, pin_cs, pin_interrupt);

long last_time;
long tx_interval = 1000;

void setup() {
  // This is _our_ address
  // uncomment if you want to enable PA/LNA external control

  attachInterrupt(0, interrupt_routine, CHANGE); // interrupt 0 equivalent to pin 2(INT0) on ATmega8/168/328
  last_time = millis();

void interrupt_routine() {
    mrf.interrupt_handler(); // mrf24 object interrupt routine

void loop() {
    mrf.check_flags(&handle_rx, &handle_tx);

void handle_rx() {
    // data to receive, nothing to do

void handle_tx() {
    if (mrf.get_txinfo()->tx_ok) {
        Serial.println("TX went ok, got ack");
    } else {
        Serial.print("TX failed after ");Serial.print(mrf.get_txinfo()->retries);Serial.println(" retries\n");
  • Why don’t set up pin Wake (mrf24j40ma) ?. And when i send data, range only 20cm . How to increase the range? Because datasheet mrf24j40ma said : range about 70 meter

Hi, do u found any solution for it? I also encounter the same problem.

You are asking your question in a 3-years-dead Thread and in a Thread that never got to a solution.

What is "mrf24j40ma" ?

Post a link to its datasheet.


Hello guys…im happy to share you some info…im manage to make the chip mrf24j40ma-mc module works great…here the tips:
1.un-comment //mrf.set_palna(true);
2.add this below mrf.set_palna(true);
3.then upload…thats it…but make sure you set the target address and local address right ok…if you need detail explaination feels free to email me

Hello happy to share you some manage to make the chip mrf24j40ma-mc module works the tips:

If you can post a complete working demo program I'm sure it would be helpful to others.