MRK WAN 1300 Frequency (433/915)mhz

On the website it is mentioned that MKR1300 comes with the following frequency :

1-433 mhz
2-915 mhz
3-868 mhz

Can any one please elaborate that, does a single unit support all the frequencies or each single unit support a single frequecy at a time.


Each board supports all the three frequencies but it depends on your location. You have to select the country/band by passing in the argument to begin, modem.begin().

Here is the reference page Arduino - MKRWANBegin.

Uh, so which one is EU433

if (!LoRa.begin(433E6))


Just to clarify, the solution @MeandMrsJones shared is for when you're using the LoRa library:

The reference page URL Sravya shared earlier is for the MKRWAN library.