MRK WIFI 1010 Cloud Connection Issue

Board: MKR WIFI1010
Firmware: 1.4.8

Hi everyone,
Another Wifi connection issue. I can connect to my home Wifi fine using an example that includes WifiNINA and utilizing a Secret Tab for my credentials. This is all done in the Web Editor. The Serial Monitor shows an established connection and displays IP address and signal strength.

When I try to connect to the IoT Cloud using Things, it is not able to establish a connection and the Serial Monitor shows the error below. I've noticed the IoT auto-generated code does not include the WifiNINA library. Is that something I must enter manually? I read that the auto-generated code establishes the connection to IoT and Wifi.

Thanks for the help,

Make sure the SSID and password are correctly configured in the "Network" section of the Arduino IoT Cloud "Setup" tab of your Thing.

It is done transitively via the "Arduino_ConnectionHandler" library:

Install the latest Create Agent, see and follow the steps at
Make you your network parameters are correctly entered and that you associate the device to the thing you created.

Thank you so much. It was the most ridiculous typo ever. I checked it 23 times and the "i" was capitalized but it still looked right. :man_facepalming:

I'm glad to hear you found the solution. Thanks for taking the time to post an update!

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