MRK1000 can't get start

I have got IDE 1.6.9 and install SAMD boards and i can also find the name MRK1000 from tools
but I can only find bluetooth from port, If i press "Get Board Info" It will show "Native serial port, can't obtain info"

Please help :confused:

I tested on osx and win 7, it got the same result....
just plug usb in... again

Ok here is a link to some of the more common issues with the MKR. Post#16 helped me on win 7.

It also sounds liie you may not have set up the cores and board definitions yet too. See post 4 on that page, post 19 and post 28.

If after that you cannot get it running on win 7 then try supply as much additional information as you can.

I fixed the problem by change different usb cable and change to Atmel Sam-ICE