MS5611 baromether sensor accuracy


I’m new on arduino and I will need a litle help regarding sensor MS5611.
I read from the sensor the following informations:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Altitude
    Anyway the altitude are calculated by the sensor using the pressure and this is not very accurate, for example in the morning I can have 35m altitude and in the afternoon can be 75-82.
    To can increase the pressure accuracy I’m thinking of turning altitude into constant, because I know the exact altitude of my environmental station, it’s 82 meters.
    Any idea?
    Hardware: NodeMCU ESP8266wifi
    The sketch are attached.

Thank you

ESP8266WiFi_environtment_monitor.ino.ino (8.35 KB)

If your local air pressure changes, your calculated altitude changes. It's that simple.
Look at your local weather service's web site for the sea level pressure at your altitude. You have to correct for that to get proper altitude measurements.
Alternatively: add a "zero" button to your project, so you can "zero" the altitude (i.e. set it to your actual, known altitude) before launch. Then for the next hour or two (unless there's a storm approaching and the pressure drops fast) you should be OK.