MSC - Midi Show Control

Hey everyone.

Starting a project that will be using midi show control.

I have had a good search around and I couldn't find much information on this topic.

I am just gathering any and all information/ tips anyone may have for doing something like this

Any library's used
Coding tips

Just anything generally.

I'm sure I will have much more specific questions when I actually start on this project.

Thanks in advance

...I've never actually used MID but I know a little about it.

that will be using midi show control.

Exactly what does that mean?

There is a MIDI library so you can either use the Arduino as a MIDI controller to send MIDI commands to a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument

Or, you can use it as a MIDI instrument that receives MIDI commands and plays music. But, it has VERY limited ability to make sounds so if you want to build a MIDI instrument the Arduino is probably not the best option.

There is also a library for USB MIDI. If you are using traditional MIDI connectors you'll need a MID shield (and add-on board).

As I understand it MSC is a specific real-time MIDI extension that uses System Exclusive (SysEx) messages.The normal MIDI libraries will allow you to send/receive SysEx messages. It's much the same as more normal MIDI messages but with a more complex data payload. The MSC specification will tell you the format of the messages.

You just need to know what messages your addressed devices can accept and the exact data formats they expect.