MSF Receiver PSU problem

I’ve been working with an MSF receiver purchased from here:

It’s been connected to a Duemilanove board powered by my laptop and it’s been working ok. I then changed to a usb psu and it refuses to pick up a signal. I changed the setup to a Diavolino and a regulated +5v psu and still no signal. The only time it seems to work is when it’s powered through my laptop. I was wondering if anyone else have had this strange problem.

I forgot to add that i currently have a 10uf Elec across the MSF Receiver to smooth the power supply.

Did you ever solve this?

I have found that the only way to get my MSF working smoothly is to power it off a battery or a power supply. If I use any source of USB power the LED on-board the MSF receiver flickers like mad as it picks up interference, but I don't know if the problem is coming from the USB circuitry on the Arduino itself, or from whatever is generating the USB power (PC or power adaptor).

It's a pain because I'd really like to have the USB connected so I can debug using the Serial Monitor!

Frankly it sounds like both of you are having bypass problems... I'd add a 470uF, a 1uF ceramic and wherever possible 100 nF caps on the Vcc. For the USB issues, sometimes a common mode choke helps (common pair of windings on the same core, dual mag coupled chokes) installed in the power supply USB. That however is not readily possible with an Arduino so you might try one or more big clamp on ferrite beads... like on monitor or audio/video cables for connection to a computer... The outside of the cable can carry rf noise components that can affect receivers of any kind and the chokes make their clamp on site a very high impedance for that type of moise.