MSGEQ7 7 band filter

I bought 20 of these chips from Ebay, and turns out they're all duff/dead. Can anyone recommend a good source for these please? The ebay price was pretty cheap (80p each, turns out there was a reason for that!) I'm in the UK. Not going to name and shame the seller as I'm waiting to see if I can get a refund/replacement batch.

Alternatively, anyone know of another chip that does the same, maybe with more bands?

(I've used FFT before on the Arduino, but for the project I'm working on I want to free up the CPU time a bit more, so want to use the hardware filtering.)

Cheers, Dave

Well, turns out it's not worth the cost of sending them all back. (I actually had 5 lots of 20, not a single working unit from ~30 tested; all gave either no output or random noise dropping to zero upon input) Lesson learned I guess! Disposed of them and using a second 328 to do FFT instead - actually gives me a lot more channels, so I guess it's a good thing! :)

Any chance of some code showing how you implemented FFT on Arduino?

Thanks, Dan