msgeq7 help

Hey I have a msgeq7 set up exactly as it is in the datasheet, and I tried code from this website after mine (interpreted from datasheet) failed, yet I still don't have any sucess : / All I read is 804-807 on all the channels Its not the analog read, I get 0 for ground and 1023 to 5v I believe the microphone chip is fine, its a module I bought, regardless the output doesn not change connected or not the only change I get is when I connect the audio in pin directly to ground where I get about 668 value on the analog read I tried another chip with the same results all new capacitors, tested my resistors with a multi, both close to spec'd

can anyone help me figure this out? I hate when things don't work when its so simple : /

Do you have a scope to examine the reset and strobe lines?

Not at the moment, looking into getting one tho Does the code on that site seem fine? Its really the only example ive found, even though its not too complex i figured basically the same code from the datasheet

Solved it,
found out my breadboard was missing a row, worked when I put it on another spot lol
simple problem simpel fix
and now my projects coming along nice