I have a problem using a IC MSGEQ7.

When i connect a constant 63Hz signal to the input the IC responds to it, but as you can see in the print screens of my scope, the output is not constant. It fluctuates over a range of 800 mV while it should be constant. When i zoom out on the image, you can see that there is a returning pattern in the fluctuations.

Dous someone have a clue what could be the problem here?

Channel 1 is the output signal. You can see the 63Hz and the 160Hz band. I do not read the 5 other bands.(only 2 strobe pulses) On channel 2 you can see the reset signal.(every 1000┬Ás)

Sorry for the poor englisch

solved! there need to be at least 15.8 sec between reads to measure the 63 band

Is it really 15.8 seconds between reads? I'm thinking about starting my own project (a graphic equaliser of sorts) involving a MSGEQ7. But it would like rather strange to update the 63 band indicator only once every ~15 seconds...

Timing values for strobe/reset/reads are given in the datasheet for these devices. I think they are in terms of microseconds rather than seconds.