MSMPLOTTER ( library to Plot data on Serial Monitor on Arduino IDE)

This library can Plot on Serial Monitor. (not on Serial Plotter in Arduino IDE).
This library can plot graph of some sequential values. Time-stump will be taken automatically.
Advantages of this library
1.Less CPU usage
2.Debugging and plotting in same window.
1.This library can operate maximum unsigned 16-bit integer,which is not required for mostly usable proccessors.Our commonly usable processors for projects are in between 8 bit to 12 bit resolution.Like, Arduino contain a multichannel, 10-bit analog to digital converter.If the input of the Array is taking any error then use map() function to decrease the values of data also try to decrease the size.
2.This library can auto adjust the limits of x axis. and Y axis.
3.This libarary can generate graph from local maxima and minima with consideration of Jump essential discontinuity to gradual increment or decrement.
GitHub - MAINAKMONDAL98/MSMPLOTTER: This library allows user to Plot data on Serial Monitor in Arduino Ide(anyone can fork ,issue in this github repository)