Msn Arduino

The video can be viewed here




Hi James,

Would you care to say something about what is happening in the video and how the Arduino is being used.

Hi, i am from editor member. I have been checked the video and document in Chinese. i try to help James to illustrate how it work with MSN robot.

  1. Author program a MSN robot, I think it will watch each message by MSN translate protocol(
  2. AND, the robot will continue sends data to Arduino chip by serial(or by Zigbee IEEE802.15.4 then serial...)
  3. u know........

The Chinese message in MSN in video, i try to translate in English. The first copy and paste in English is [Please turn off light], and the robot answer OK,my master.Light was off now. The second one is [Please turn ON light], and the robot answer OK,my master.Light was ON now.

hi all!

I contacted the author of the video. It kindly explained to me that he applies xport + php, reading for msn messages. Unfortunately, i didn't told me much more. Can someone maybe explain to me how i can make a similar thing? My idea is to build a simple command interface, like an office-to-home software-guided remote control.

Thanks to all.

Bye, Luca

Sorry for the impoliteness of "upping" the message by myself, but can someone give me an help?

Bye, Luca

Sorry for bumping this old thread but I had an idea that I would like to share :)

You can write a Python script (Python has many libraries, including some MSN related). The script connects to the MSN network and acts as a translator for the Arduino ;)

You have many options regarding the connection of Arduino and the PC. First one is the good old USB cable. You can also use the Ethernet shield (if you have a machine that's 24/7 and away, like a dedicated server or a VPS). You can also use BT, IR, WiFi.. There are MANY options, the only factor is knowledge and money ;D

I would like to see your progress (if you decide to build it!). I can also help ;)

Abfahrt, that's a cool idea.

Actually, i'm on holiday ;D , so in my spare time i'm trying to learn python basics (yeah, i'm at 'hello world' level yet -- loops, string manipulation, array-like elements and so on)

Thank you for the suggestion. As soon as I will be able to compile a real python software by myself I will post infos here.