MSP430 Capacitive Touch BoosterPack

Hi everybody, What I want to adapt to arduino is the capacitive sensor MSP430 Capacitive Touch BoosterPack

This sensor is from Texas Instruments. Do you think I can adapt it to Arduino Ports? I do not how to start, any suggest?

I have read the datasheet but I have a general idea about how it works.

After a quick look at the data sheet I would say no. All that board is is a bunch of resistors and LEDs. It seems the capacitive sensor itself is done on the MSP430 board.

That’s what I was thinking at the beginning. Are there some sensors with these functions for arduino?

You could try using one of these:-

You could then attach that to the TI board you were thinking of and also that board to the arduino.

Sorry for answering later, I had problems with my connection. So, what you say is that I can connect it directly to the TI Board? I read a little about datasheet, but there are many things that I do not understand :slightly_frowning_face:

So ask about what you don’t understand.

Do you also have the MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad, as well as the MSP430 Capacitive Touch BoosterPack?

(You haven't mentioned this).

If you do, then it might be possible to connect the combined pair to an Arduino.

Yes I have it. The LaunchPad contains a pre-programmed microcontroller just for installing it and start to work. How I could connect it to arduino?