MSP430 LaunchPad - XBee

Does anyone know if the MSP430 LaunchPad can be used with an XBee adapter through serial communication?

1) what does this have to do with arduino

2) what does this have to with arduino hardware development

3) look on TI's webpage, their idea of community is that some random guy setup a google group, I suggest you hunt it down (its on the wiki buried in the comments)

4) probably yes, but I have a hard time understanding TI's C code, so do a lot of people... Infact I find their assembly instructions and code easier to follow (least it makes since) which is impressive considering I have never done a single line of ASM in my entire life (not unless you want to take into count the random PEEKS and POKES I was fed as a child)

Sorry... I posted this in the Bar Sport forum but nobody replied...

Thanks for the info tho!

Don't you think maybe you should get one problem at a time solved, before taking on more challenges?