muArt - Throw away your existing UART converters

Hello, I would like to present a project of mine, the muArt.

This was designed to be a safe and universal device so that this can be the last UART converter you’ll ever need.

It not only has all the necessary pins to flash Arduino boards (and others too) that have no USB. What really sets it apart, is that it has a full arsenal of protection features, so that user mistakes do not cause any damage, neither to the muArt nor to your other board. This I think is especially relevant for the Arduino community, because many users here are starting makers, less experienced, or students in education. The safety features of the muArt mean that many mistakes made by these users become less critical, and can save hardware or even avoid injuries.

Main Features:

  • 1.8-5.4V support
  • All pins for flashing firmware
  • High quality and filtered
  • Current-limited IO
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • ESD protection
  • GPIO pins
  • LEDs
  • Custom case included
  • … and more


Visit μArt | Crowd Supply .

I hope you’ll like it and thanks for your support.

The muArt campaign is now live on CrowdSupply :slight_smile: