Muay Thai strike impact measurement

My aim is too hook a sensor up to an arm pad which will give a measurement of the force of a strike. Ideally a FSR which works in the range of 0-1000lbs? If this is not possible then I am open to any suggestions regarding accelerometers or different types of pressure sensors. Any help would be much appreciated!

And what do you want to do with the reading, only hooking up a sensor is not the complete story. Do you want to log it, do you want to display it, do you want green and red leds indicate the power, do you want a buzzer when you break your personal record? I assume Muay Thai is a form of martial arts ??

Please tell your whole story and ideas you allready have and we can better understand your needs and improve the advice.

Do you mean measure? Measuring an impact that can be in difference places and directions is an extremely hard problem. Detecting impact in some roughly proportial fashion is easy, but measuring isn’t.

To have a fairly even response over the whole pad I would suggest a pressure-sensing technique as a plausible approach.

A cheaper approach is a piezo sensor of some form, suitably protected, but this would not have any real accuracy.