MudBus with WiFi shield instead of ethernet shield

Ive done some testing with the Mudbus TCP sketch and have manage to get it working with My Scada software and several OPC servers.

So now I want to have a go at using a WiFi shield in place of the Ethernet shield.

I am having good luck making small changes but haven't master large changes to the code. I dont know whats going on in fact its so bad its not worth posting.

Does anyone know where I can find a Mudbus sketch using the Wifi shield?

I use mudbus a lot with sensors, controls and a matrix display. Works well with RSView and kepware opc server. But I really want to get a Wifi version working.

This week I've been trying to get MudBus to work on a ESP8266 with no luck. I tried a wifi shield last year and found to many differences between the WIFI and the Ethernet library. Compile errors from structures that are different I think and I'm more a hacker than a programmer.

ESP8266; This week I tried the newest IDE 1.6.9, started with a serial telnet example, changed the port to 502. Receiving request well so moved on to a fixed reply. It worked so tried calling a rip'd up Mudbus.cpp to just handle the data and it generated a reply but I can't get this reply back to the client using client.write. So many comple errors and when one is fixed it jumps to another area that was ok before. I then suspect a bug in the IDE.