Mulitiplexing Lasers and LDRs and LEDs

Hi all

I am creating a laser reaction type game, I started using pics (16f819 and 16f1827) however was unable to get it to work so am trying to solve the task using arduino uno, which I am new to.

For the game i am using 7 Lasers 5mw, 7 LRDs, multiplexing 56 bi-color LEDS (using shift registers?), an LCD screen and a loud speaker. The matrix of LEDs consist of collums of 8 LEDs but using 4x4 pin arrangement. I am unable to see how all of this can be controlled by one arduino so wondering whether someone could help me with a schematic of how this could be done.

I have included the c code i wrote for the pic version which might explain what I am trying to do better.


mibcode.c (10.2 KB)

Hi and welcome.

Can you explain why you could not make the project work with the pic micros? I'm not familliar with those particular chips but Arduino Uno and pic have similar capabilities, so you might be clutching at straws.

Also when you say 56 bi colour leds, is that 28 components containing 2 leds each or 56 components containing a total of 112 leds? Either way, I would recommend either 1 or 2 max7219 led drivers. I don't understand your term "4x4".

For your 7 ldrs, unfortunately Uno has only 6 analog inputs, so something clever will be needed there.

I doubt many people will want to read your c code, so I recommend you post diagrams, schematics, links to data sheets for the components you know you want to use and also an explanation of the game itself.


You need mux ic's.. so you can feed in all the signals into 1 chip which then spits out those signals on request.