Multi channel ADC arduino uno with ATMEGA328


  1. I would like to use 4 ADC channels of the Atmega328 for 4 channel audio capture application.
    Can anyone suggest me what should be the sampling rate of ADC at which i should capture, so that i get >= 8000 samples per second of data, for each of the 4 analog channels.

  2. I read in some forum which explained that each ADC conversion require 13 cycles in Atmega328.
    Does that mean using 4 channel ADC it takes 13 * 4 = 52 cycles for the conversion?

Waiting for you reply!
Thank you!

you're right.
I made a board for playback, 8bit raw audio. WORKS interruptdriven.
More data (2 channels, 10bit?) spells difficlties..
To read the channels will be no problem, but stacking them onto a SD-card will force you use all tricks in the book..