Multi-controller for Chicken Coop Surveillance and Protection

First off, wow! I love Arduino! What a great product! I purchased a kit for myself as a stocking stuffer from 'Santa' and have had a blast going through all the tutorials.

The idea I have is to run a few things for my chicken coop. I have an automated door on one of the coops, but would like to add another and thought this could be a an interesting project. Then I thought maybe I could control a camera, or even make something to scare predators away while I'm at it. I know this is more than a weekend project, but thought it'd be a great way to build up my knowledge over time with an useful tool as the result.

Maybe I'm searching the wrong terms (still getting use to the terminology) but haven't found projects that do many diverse functions or this is out of the realm of what is feasible with an Arduino? I have seen posts about building robots, which seems to cover some of the multi functions, which I will use as base line unless I can find some other examples.

Incomplete list of functions I know I'll need to incorporate:

  • Motor to open/close coop door
  • IR modules to detect movement
  • Motors or speakers to scare the predators
  • Camera that can be controlled
  • Storage for pictures/video
  • Way to view pictures (website?)
  • Wireless connection to communicate with Arduino (and between IR devices?)
  • Power source (Solar)

Sorry this is not very specific, just looking for general direction to get started or know if I'm totally going the wrong direction.

Thank you!


Reading material:

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Thank you!

I totally spaced using Google vs. the forum search! And didn't think of just using coop or chicken as the topic!