multi dimensional array for controlling RGB strips

I am trying to wrap my head around how to design an array to control led rgb strips.

The RGB strips are programmable and require the following info:
Led Number 0-???
Red value 0-255
Green Value 0-255
Blue value 0-255

I wanted to create an 10x10 array of these
and thought the best way to manage the data is to do a multi dimensional array that hold (x value, y value, and then R,G,B values)

Is that a 5 dimensional array??

Is there a better approach??

I just want to generate patterns that span the 8 rows but what to structure it in an XY coordinate sort of way to make it easier to visualize what they need to do…

struct RgbLed
   byte r;
   byte g;
   byte b;

RgbLed leds[10][10];


That looks like it makes sense meaning I think I understand the way it would work but I am not familiar with Struct... coundt find it in the arduino reference...

What does struct mean or do exactly???

What does struct mean or do exactly???

A simple Google search can provide much more than I care to explain, but the simple explanation is that it is just a logical collection of variables that relate to each other in some way that is meaningful to you.

I was looking in reference but an explanation was available in the Arduino Playground:

the example is very close to what I want to do. hopefully that's all ill need!