Multi line string for GSM text message

Hi there, i`m quite new to arduino language. I am busy with a project that requires me to send a text message containing 3 sensor values to a number. I am using an arduino uno with the seeedstudio GSM/GPRS shield (sim900).

I am able to convert the sensor values to strings and adding strings together into one string. My porblem is that my output needs to be in paragraph form i.e: Temp:123 Hum:123 Alt:123

but the current output is just one continues sentence i.e: Temp:123 Hum:123 Alt:123

can someone pls help me, I know its just a small syntax thing! Thanks in advance

can someone pls help me

Can someone pls (or please as adults spell it) post their code?

Thank you for the reply!

//windspoed int b = WINDSPOED; String stringWind = "Windspoed: "; stringWind += b; stringWind += "KM/H"; //temperatuur int c = steinhart; String stringTemp = "Temperatuur: "; stringTemp += c; stringTemp += "C"; //Kombineer String stringKompleet = stringWind; stringKompleet += " "; stringKompleet += stringTemp; char charKompleet[50]; stringKompleet.toCharArray(charKompleet, 50); //Stuur sms na nommer wat gebel het sms.SendSMS(number,charKompleet); }

PLEASE let me know if need anything else!

You can embed special characters in the String, like '\n' or '\t' or '\r'.

You can look at an ASCII table to see what each one does.

Thanks PaulS! I added a '\n' in the string and the output is perfect!! :D