Multi-panel LCD assembly.

This is a multi LCD display assembly from an industrial machine. It only requires a single serial line to control the entire assembly. Each of the 12 displays can be controlled independently.

looks good! Can you share some sample code and a screenshot?

Sure. I can post it later today (I'm not at my home computer). I just hate to see these things go into a dumpster.

This is definitely not the most efficient code. It’s cobbled together through testing and other smaller projects. But it does work, as is shown in the video linked to from the ebay listing.

It uses the old Arduino version 22. It uses the serial library only for testing, but should be able to run without it. I implemented a crude serial comm using other pins.

Dbcs990Lcd_4panels_21.pde (20 KB)


Here is another one without the lights and switch hardware. The panels are cut down to reduce their footprint. They still have input and output pins as described, but the lights and switch hardware has been removed.