Multi Plotting in Blexar


I have this very simple code to read the value of 2 photocells on Blexar using a SH-HC-08 BLE:

[size=0.8em]Code: [url=]see how to post code[/url] [/size]

[size=0.8em]#include[nobbc] <SoftwareSerial.h>[/nobbc]

SoftwareSerial BT_Serial(9,8);

void setupnobbc {[/nobbc]
[nobbc]  [/nobbc]Serial[nobbc].[/nobbc]beginnobbc;[/nobbc]
[nobbc]  BT_Serial.[/nobbc]beginnobbc;[/nobbc]

void loopnobbc[/nobbc]
[nobbc]    [/nobbc]Serial[nobbc].[/nobbc][color=#D35400]print/color;[/nobbc]
[nobbc]    [/nobbc]Serial[nobbc].[/nobbc]print(" "[nobbc]);[/nobbc]
[nobbc]    [/nobbc]Serial[nobbc].[/nobbc][color=#D35400]println/color;[/nobbc]
[nobbc]    BT_Serial.[/nobbc][color=#D35400]print/color;[/nobbc]
[nobbc]    BT_Serial.[/nobbc]print(" "[nobbc]);[/nobbc]
[nobbc]    BT_Serial.[/nobbc][color=#D35400]println/color;[/nobbc]


IDE plotter is showing the 2 trends => good
Blexar console is receiving the 2 readings => good

But Blexar is not plotting the 2 data…I can’t find why. If only one AnalogRead is used, Blexar plots it without problem. But 2, I can’t make it work.

Any idea would be very helpful
Thanks in advance