Multi point home security system using pir sensors

I’m new to Arduino learning…
I wanna make a project using multi HC-SR501 PIR motion sensors, buzzer, reed door switch with Arduino UNO.
Now I wanna give user interface such that user can turn off the buzzer through their phone.
So my doubts are

  1. which module can I use for creating such user interface so that I can learn about that
    module and code efficiently for indoor/home security.
  2. maximum how many PIR sensors can I connect to Arduino UNO.
  3. I thought we need to connect PIR sensors to digital pins. But now I’m confused as
    some people connect PIR sensor or analog pins.
    So should we connect to digital to analog pins??
  4. If we can connect to either of the pins then which is good o choose ?? Digital or analog pins.

1 For interfacing look at some online platforms such as the Adafruit IO platform. Before buying the board, think about how to connect to the internet. Some boards have BLE, others Ethernet or Wifi, but ESP32 Wifi boards lack many analog pins…
2 Many sensors! You don’t need to read them out often (10 times per second is not often for a microcontroller yet hard to escape as human), so you can read like 8 from a single pin with a shift register.
3 Most PIR sensors have a threshold setting through a potentiometer, these sensors output both digital (threshold met or not) and analog (the raw value). It depends on your wants. If you want 12 sensors analog, get a Leonardo, it has double the analog input pins.
4 It again depends on your wish. If setting up each sensor with a screwdriver is ok, digital pins are ok, if you want to be able to fix things remotely, go analog.

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Depending on what type of PIR sensor you are intending to use some PIR sensors can be daisy chained so that only one signal wire determines the state of several PIR sensors.

Put a link to the type of sensor you are planning to use if you need a clearer explanation.

Thank you @blnkjns
definitely I’ll go through how to connect to the internet.

ty for giving an idea to on digital and analog pins which was really useful.

@countrypaul countrypaulI’m using HC-SR501 PIR motion sensor.

can I to use 315MHz rf receiver and transmitter module??

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