Multi Room Temperature Sensors and Reporting Station

This is my first post after searching the forum and online trying to figure this out.

I have an antique home and have vastly differing temperatures in each room. I would like to be able to monitor the temperatures (maybe even humidity) in three bedrooms, one bathroom, dining room, living room, library, kitchen, attic, basement and the outdoor ambient air (11 locations). I want these sensors to communicate wirelessly to a reporting station that displays all the temperatures simultaneously.

I am a complete noob at the programing aspect, but am very handy with everything else. I just recently discovered Ardunino (24 hrs ago) so my knowledge at this point is limited.

Basically, I need layman direction on programing and what components would be required to make this happen.

Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to the community's suggestions.

Have a look at this:

For the actual temp sensing, the DS1820 is a popular choice. In addition to the radios mentioned above, you can use Xbee radios or a wifi shield to achieve your wireless communication. The latter two are pricy though, especially for eleven nodes.

For wireless data comms I suspect nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver is probably the cheapest option. But beware that using a transceiver without a boosted transmitter and using the tiny onboard aerial, the range seems quite limited. In an old house with thick walls, you may find it struggles to go through the walls.

On the other hand they're very cheap (under a couple of quid each) which could be a factor when you have that many. You will probably also be looking at minimalist Arduino clones, or even just using the chip on its own, for most of your nodes.

…In an old house with thick walls, you may find it struggles to go through the walls…

Perhaps in the UK, old homes have thick walls. In Connecticut, USA, my walls are all 2" thick made with planks, lath and plaster.

Have a look at this:

I’ve seen this blog prior while looking for information. Some of his links are to items that are no longer sold and also some of the jargon that he uses escapes me. When I said laymen, I meant it. :blush: Plus, the XBee Pro that he uses is awfully expensive at ~$200 a piece!

I was hoping to spend ~$20 a thermo and maybe around $100 for the receiver with temperature displays (total of ~$300 +/-). There are commercial products that are not too far from that that do the same things I am looking for. If it is not feasible by making one, then perhaps buying an assembled product from say, Oregon Scientific, is better worth it.

All in one I am using this:

pravas: All in one I am using this:

Thank you for the link. The cost is €166.50 for the kit of 10, roughly $215. I would still need to buy the temperature sensor and also a receiving unit.

Anyone seen this before?

It's $169 for the kit which comes with a receiver USB so your computer acts as your display. Yes, it is more than what Pravas posted, but as you do not need a monitor, there's more room to play.

Jeenode can act as Trans and receiver with packet mode data transmission, Set One as master node as monitoring node, node can data to network group. You can collect these data from monitoring node through USB FTDI breakout module ~4 USD.

I am going through the TI Module might be cost effective ~21 USD

I'd say those prices were quite realistic (on the high side if anything) for the Arduino based solution.

I'm not familiar with all the OS products but when I was looking for a similar system from them I found loads of products that only supported a small number of sensors. I wasn't prepared to pay hundreds of quid so I didn't look at their more expensive products, maybe they do have something suitable if you're willing to pay.