Multi-room Wireless Temperature Sensors

Greetings. I have been reading some old project specs/scopes and I am trying to find the best course to have the outcome I would like.

The first is I want to create a wireless sensor array of 6 rooms that transmit temp settings via wireless to a base module connected to my computer. Eventually I will create a web interface for collection/presentation.

My question is what hardware would you suggest for the individual temp sensors transmitters?

I have seen xBee's used as well as RF and not sure the pros/cons as well as price applicability.

Any help is appreciated.

Here's a recent post on the same topic: Arduino Forum

It's not very difficult to do, the issue is cost of each unit if you have an xBee (or wifi shield) per node.

Depending on the spacing id use the nrf24l01, which you can pick up on ebay for <5$, and some ds18b20 temp sensors also not too expensive
to make costs less id buy some atmega328’s and some perfboard and make little standalone boards with the ds18b20 and nrf24l01 directly mounted, maybe even splurge on a custom pcb to keep it neat, although with just two devices and the neccesary components for the mcu it wouldn’t be that bad on a cheap perfboard
You could probably do each station for a little more than 15$

I have a wireless sensors network made of weather station sensors and the cost is 2.5€ per sensor. It's not cheap considering the effort I spend to decode them