Multi-tasking LED's

Hello, Im new to this and i need to program some strob and LED scheme to an ambulance.

I need to get the Rigth and Left Strobs blinking 50ms three times and stop for 400ms. And i need to get the Lamps blinking alternatetly at a 250ms mark non-stop.

But i need to get this trigged by two buttons separatly.

ATM, im trying to figure it out with a library named LEDFlasher, that allows me to have two different rythims without break's.

Using Arduino Duemilanove.

Thanks in advance ;)

Simple blink without delay style coding, using a couple of variables (flags) to keep track of where you are in each sequence.

A sketch called Multiblink in my code repository (link below in the signature) may be useful for you. It can do what you need with minimal change.