multi temp probe data harvesting

Need some advice on components and feasibility. I would like to put a temp & humidity sensor in each of the rooms in the house. I would then like to have the data sent to a master on a regular interval say every 5 mins. The master would read them and store the data for graphing each on a graph. I've seen projects last year or so on a set of AA batteries. I also know there are a lot of projects on temp probes but I have not found one yet that fits these criteria. Is this even possible?

There is no real reason to do this other than to learn and do it. I think it would be a great large scale project to try and tackle.


I assume you are thinking of putting an Arduino (perhaps a Nano or Micro) in each room to operate the sensors in that room and to send the data back to the master?

If so there is then the question of how to send the data. You could use wires - perhaps with a serial RS485 system.

Wireless, with something like nRF24L01+ modules may be trickier because the walls of the house may interfere with the signal. I believe there are similar devices that work on lower frequencies that have more penetration. This thread about the HC12 may be of interest.

I am only personally familiar with the nRF24

...R Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

@IDMiller, cool! I'm working on a similar project, using air quality (actually carbon dioxide) sensors.

If you have a fixed location, and not intending to adapt to different buildings, then a wired system gives you better reliability. Otherwise, a variable topology will benefit from the flexibility of wireless devices. The master could be a peripheral device on your desktop computer, which is where the data logging would take place. Remote sensors could be a small box, containing the sensor itself, a heat sink, a radio device and a microcontroller to make them all work. An annunciator (led) is also on board. All it does is determine the temperature, and send the data to the master. The box runs a diagnostic sequence and flags the led if there is a problem.

A "year or so" of battery operation may seem optimistic, but learn and implement low power operation. Turn the error led on when the battery is low.

Folks I'm so sorry for my massive delays, Got caught up with work and running a number 2 phillips drill bit through my hand. While the drill won the fight I did manage to make sure the shelf was secured before I started to cry.

So back on task, I'm looking to record Temp and Humidity in multiple areas of my house. I want to be able to keep track of measurements of each room to detect where There is an unbalance at. An example when I have the heat turned on at 68 degrees the living room stays nice and comfortable but the guest room when the door is closed will become so hot that you start to sweat. I know that has to do with air ducts. Anyway Ill read that thread and see what i can come up with