multi 'zone' control

Good afternoon Forum,

I wanted to throw this project idea across before spending too much time on it if it cant be done. I have an arduino uno (wnat to use a mini pro for final project) and I want to control 6 strips on leds independently. I would want there to be 8 control buttons one for each 'zone' as well as an all off and a cycle zone button that would light each zone for a set time. I am capable of getting together the coding, but would like an assurance that the uno (and mini pro) are viable options.

Again, I really just need to know if im wasting my time before I spend any money/time on this project.

Sounds like an easy one. Definitely possible. The only thing is that you may need a separate power supply for the leds. Together they probably pull more current than you can run through the Arduino board safely.

Are they RGB led strips and if so what type? Looking for pin count to run 6 strips here.

If you don’t have enough pins on the controller there are chips that can add pins.

I was thinking that I needed to have a separate power supply for the LEDs too, they are 12v. They are not RGB, single color.

Thanks for the hopeful answers, any suggestions for some reading material on buttons and controlling single color LED groups?