HI ALL, i wanted to know if it is possible to do multiple channel frequency measurement using arduino uno/Mega i.e simultaneous measurement of high frequency pulse trains given as input.

and is it possible to concurrently measure 3 frequencies using the timers in arduino mega

How high frequency? How many channels?

frequency in the range of 100khz to 150khz and 3 channel

thanks for the answers in advance :slight_smile:

Use the timer pulse inputs, count in hardware.

An example of counting frequencies with timer1 is in the FreqCount library. The Mega has four 16-bit counters so you can deploy two more counters for the other two channels.

thanks for the reply but i am new to embedded systems

and i am not quite sure how to include different timers with the same as timer1 in the frequency count library is there any library that can be used to configure timers

thanks for the answers in advance

I've always done timers by directly manipulating the registers, not using a library. It's not that hard once you understand how they work. You can use the FreqMeasure library as example; timer3-5 should work pretty much the same (refer to the datasheet for details such as which pin to use as clock source).