multidruino multifunctional arduino device

Multidruino - multimeter, game console, calculator. clock and much more - YouTube

Yeh, and ?

Watched about 5 seconds of that - looked like some sort of advert.

Hello everybody,

I watched a lot of the videos
from the "Volos Projects" on "youtube".

I think his name is Danko.
He is a primary school teacher in Croatia and it looks like it would be fun to be a student with him.

So you build the "Multidruino" and can play one of the other "Sketch" or games also on the same "device"like:

  • "Multidruino" Multimeter with following functions:
    analog read monitor
    ohm meter
    diode drop voltage meter
    continuity test
    battery status(voltage)
    pwm (fo diming LED or control DC motor)

  • "Temperature sensor" called "multiTemperature" with ds18b20 temperature sensor. and 4.7K resistor.

  • an Game - xWing vs Death Star called "MultiDruinoDeathStar"

  • Virtula keyboard for arduino "multiKeyboard"

  • Calculator

  • "clock" for this example you will need DS3231

  • Music player

I found the Multidruino very interesting, unfortunately there is hardly any documentation left. Previously the documentation was on the website:
Since this site is offline there is only the internet archive.

But I could see a lot from the video. And I found some information in the Internet Archive:
Internet Archive

I'm a beginner when it comes to arduino. But I found it very interesting. So I tried to put all the pictures and information together. So that others can recreate it. I publish it here for the other interested.

I have attached a drawing (sorry it's my first) and the code for the "Multiduino" and the "Death Star" game. As I said, everything is from the Danko I "only" put it together. I'm not sure about the resistances.

Many thanks to Danko, I had fun building them. Maybe you will document your projects a little better in the future. As I understood the comments in youtube, many wanted to replicate it, but they couldn't because information was missing.

Best regards



PS: Sometimes a 220 Ohm resistor is mentioned, sometimes a 1k everything is very chaotic.






multiMultimeter.ino (13.3 KB)

gameMultiDruinoDeathStar.ino (10.7 KB)