MultiMode Fiber Transceiver

Hello, I have some GLC-SX-MM transceivers (data sheet attached, along with detailed spec sheet from a clone mfg co) and would like to use them to connect two UNOs for reliable serial communications via MMF. I haven’t been able to find any information on implementing such an application, either here or through Google. Can anybody point me toward resources to help me get started? I am able to read schematics and build small hardware circuits, but my programming skills are relatively basic (still advancing!). Unfortunately I am not able to read the spec sheet and create the hardware and software to connect to an Arduino.

GLC-SX-MM Datasheet.pdf (126 KB)

FTLF8519P3ByL Spec RevB.4-275189.pdf (646 KB)

If you haven't found anything by Googling, what made you think this is possible and thus buying the parts?

I wasn't asking whether or not it is possible, and I never said that I bought them with the intent of connecting to an UNO. I already have several of the transceivers that were given to me by a company that was giving away samples at a trade show, and I several different length fiber jumpers that can connect them together. I just wanted to find out if anyone has tried to interface them or something similar with an Arduino. They use an industry standard and are a very common transceiver in Cisco products.

I was surprised that my searches did not turn up anything, and I posted here hoping that perhaps someone has knowledge that could help me. For instance, maybe I should be searching using different terms to describe the transceiver, or one of the experts here may be trying the same thing right now.

I hope that answers your question, since I am not sure why you asked it or what information you were seeking that might help you to assist me.

What in the datasheets made you think it was possible? ? ?

Do you see any reason that it should not be possible? It looks like the transceivers pass serial data using a defined standard. I don't have the capability of building what is needed and am asking for help to see if perhaps somebody else is working on or interested in working on an interface solution.

I'm surprised that there are not fiber-optic link interfaces already available for Arduino, since fiber runs are very common in modern commercial buildings and throughout campus-type office parks.