Multipe USB inputs using Arduino

I'm trying to build a project that takes input from 2 usb devices (mouse+keyboard) process it and send it to a PS3 console. I've seen projects about PS/2 key+mouse processing to PS3 input but I wanna adapt that to a USB input for faster input polling.

I would like to know if I can use a Arduino Uno and possibly USB shield(s) to execute this project. I know there are lack of USB ports :'( on the board but is there some way of accomplishing my goals.

If I follow this logic I would need to come up with 3 USB ports to support the devices ...

Search google for a "USB Host Shield."

In order to talk to USB Devices, you need a USB Host.

Yes I know that, I've stated that in the first post. But I've seen that it only has one port and I need 3 Can I connect a USB Hub to it or something?

Can I connect a USB Hub to it or something?

Good question, maybe ask the manufacturer of the USB HOST shield? I've never seen this discussed on this forum but then again I do not know all threads.

on the playground I came accross this - - might be a good reader

Furthermore I have played with a FEZ ( and that does support USB host on board and works with mouse and KB. However installing and get it working is more complex than Arduino. On the other hand if you know C# (yes it is .NET based) you can build quite nice things with it - e.g. it supports multithreading.

Hmm I do have extensive knowledge of C# but no so much regarding USB dev boards and micro-controllers, also after looking at the boards I've realized that none of them have multiple USB ports. Also they have quite a healthy price tag.

I will try to send a mail to the ppl that worked on the USB Host shield and get back with the reply. Hopefully someone else might notice this post and offer more info.

This was the reply I reserved after emailing support

USB hub is possible with Host Shield; however, there is no software support for it. I'm developing a solution, it's 2 step process. First of all, since multiple device support would require more resources, it was necessary to develop a shield compatible with big Arduinos, such as Mega and Mega2560. This has been competed, I just ordered parts for the first run and hoping to announce by the end of the year. The USB Library with hub support is coming next, probably before summer of 2011. Of course, you can develop your own hub support for the existing shield, if you'd like to.

I will probably look into the Mega and wait for the new usb shield and software to be released.