Multipilot Board:Education board for gyro acc app.

I'm developed this board :
Searching in goolge code repository : lnmultipilot10

It's compatible with Arduino Framework , actualy I'm in alpha stage of testing , this is an educational board for project that need Gyro Accelerometer , Pressure Sensor , Driving Servo ... ecc ecc
I'm searching people that help me to develop library and porting project on It. I'm starting to collaborate with Aeroquadro Project and In future I thing with Ardupilot project. Multipilot is an Italian Project ... W l'italia :wink:

The LN Multipilot 1.0 board details :

  • AVR 644P (Sanguino compatible micro)
  • 1 Power Switching da 8-30 Volt 3 Amp.
  • 3 mems gyroscope 220 °/s
  • 1 Accelerometer a 3 Axis X Y Z 2 G.
  • 2 Pressure sensor 20 cm of resolution.
  • 4 PPM Output Servo PPM 5 Volt.
  • 1 I2C Bus for motor control( LN BL Controller 20 Amp.)
  • 1 Serial BUS TTL
  • 1 Speacker Output.
  • 2 Digital Output genarl pourpose.
  • 1 PPM Input for R/C Controller.

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Roberto Navoni

The link of project is :
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I add the schematics of board on SVN repository under the Documents directory ...

There're a new video about my board and the first application ...
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very stable little hexrotor youve got there, and some very professional looking boards

Video Update about the status of Aeroquad porting on MultiPilot Board :slight_smile:

Comment the video :slight_smile:

at this link you can see a Build Log of HG3 project a Mega Variable Pitch Quad based on Aeroquad code branch Multipilot .... we're doing Pre Flight check ...see the video