Multiple 2.4" LCD screens on a arduino board?

hello I'm working on a Game project for the upcoming spring. A Pacman game. I know a Uno board won't cut it but maybe a mega board might because of more programming memory. So i was wondering just to get started if i do 5 of the 2.4" Lcd screens i know they all have to be on different Select pins would a mega board be able to handle something like that, Or would i need a faster Mcu like a Due or a arduino zero board?

IMO, attempting this with parallel interface boards would be a connection nightmare.

It might be doable with an ARM based board (Due, Teensy or similar) and SPI based displays.

I have a zero board a SamD21 with the 64 pins on it all broken out i found online. I think it will work on this one. So i do have enough pins for wiring all the LCD's.

EDIT: it has the Zrduino zero bootloader on it all pins do work i have tested it a couple of times.