multiple access


I have 11 students in my course und would like to use the web-ide. Do they have to register individually to the web-ide or is there an opportunity for me to have 11 Student-accounts, maybe named School_course_number?

Kind regards

Dieter Kriesell

Hi Dieter, thank you for using the web IDE in your classroom!

it would be best if your students make individual accounts on

Would you prefer to give them accounts? We don't have a feature like that but if you could explain your needs we try look into that.

Please let us know if you have any other requests for the classroom environment. Thanks a lot!


thank you for your answer. I will try with them to individually log in, because this way they could work even at home without changing anything.


00alis, As an educator, I think it would be super useful if I could designate my account as a Teacher account and have quick access to my students work somehow. At the end of every project/challenge, I want students to submit code. We've come a long way from printing out our code 4 years ago, but there has to be a better solution than students copying & pasting url links and pasting into a google drive file (as useful as that is!).

What if: Student & teacher accounts were linked somehow, the teacher could setup a class assignment, and students could have a "Submit to Teacher" button built into the editor page. Teachers would be able to see an "assignment" page with a listing of all of the names of the students with the appropriate links to the code from that project.

@MisterBianchi, yes we are working on collaboration-specific features for the classroom, I might come back to both of you when we have mockups to ask your opinion!

I am going to add the "Submit to Teacher" flow to the wishlist, it is a great idea. Thanks again!