Multiple ADC pin nodemcu

Hey, I still new to this. I need to expand my analog output in nodemcu. I need it to read 2 voltage sensor and 2 current sensor. But I'm confused about the declaration pin because I'm using emonlib. Any ideas?

NODEMCU (ESP8266) only has one ADC pin.

better to get an ADC board that has 4 lines and talk to that with I2C or some-such.

but can i multiple it with multiplexer 74hc4051? thats what im kinda confused now. sorry not to mention it before

Yes, an analogue muxer, like the 74HC4051, can be used for that.
Note that the NodeMCU has a 220k:100k voltage divider on the analogue pin.
That might interfere with your application.
Post a full circuit diagram if you need help with that.

Probably your best solution is an external ADC such as the ADS1115. That one works great with the NodeMCU and is likely easier to deal with than a mux (and higher resolution as well).

The ADC of the ESP8266 has a range of 0-1V, the NodeMCU has indeed a voltage divider to bring that range to 0-3.2V.