Multiple Arduino Connection to Android

I am working on a home automation project and want to connect multiple arduinos to my android phone. I have made connection with single hc-05 module. now i want to add 2 or more hc-05 to android, for that I want android to pair and unpair devices automatically. I like to know if this is possible. pls guys tell me anything you know.

Thank you.

I think that depends on how you want to use it, which is unclear, and the operating environment, and a home is not likely to be the best choice for the latter. Check Bluetooth AutoConnect (Uniqtec)

Suppose I have 5 bluetooth module(ex hc-05), each connected to different microcontroller. my android phone is within range of all 5 module. I want my android to collect notification from all 5 microcontrollers through Bluetooth. the notification is a small string which each Bluetooth module is transmitting.

for that i`m searching a way to implement a timer or something to switch from one module to another. If any of you know a way to achieve that please share.

Thank you

Aishwary: android phone is within range of all 5 module.

I think that's the problem and it's an android problem, not arduino.

If they are all in range of the phone, they may be all in range of each other or, more specifically, one Arduino is in range of the others and the phone. In that event, that arduino can do its job, poll the others, and send the data to the phone. No longer an android problem, and only a small arduino problem.