Multiple Arduino IOT devices - one cloud dashboard

I've just spent the past ten minutes (yes I couldn't believe how quickly I worked through it) completing the IoT Cloud - Getting Started Tutorial and I have a question.

I have a couple of MKR1000 boards and thinking of investing in a few more, not to mention the new ENV daughter board too. I'd like each of them to run the same (very similar) code and each be viewable/addressable from the same IOTCloud dashboard, perhaps with a drop down to select which common variable when setting it from the cloud and groupings for when the IoT device updates to the cloud.

I know the above is possible with some very heavy lifting and a considerable amount of web dev too not to mention a bunch of additional Arduino libraries and possibly AWS, but is anything like this possible with the great tools available here or has anyone got any insights they would like to share?

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Currently the cloud is limited to only one device per user.
Probably not what you want to hear.

There are other services that allow more devices but once a data threshold is reached they tend to become pay-per-use or stop taking any more data at all.

In most of those cases people tend to setting up a small server of some description and AWS is often run via such as a RAS-PI etc. as a server.

I have multiple boards configured as Devices, but the real restriction is that you can only create a single Thing. However, that Thing can have multiple Properties. It would be interesting if you can assign specific Properties to each individual Device and adjust the code accordingly.

At the bottom of the Initial IoT Cloud page where the Properties for the Thing are listed, there is an icon at the bottom left of the page that is a teal circle with a 'i' in the middle. If you click this, then you can change the associated board and load the code and run the Thing to that board. I am not sure how it will interact with the other boards though.

Thanks for your answers. I'll keep looking and hopefully there'll be some non-IoT Cloud solution to my endeavours. I just bought a few MKR1010 and MKR ENV boards to use as nodes. Hopefully they'll be with me tomorrow.

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I believe under the hood, the IoT Cloud software uses MQTT, so you might want to research a possibility to tie into that and have the other nodes publish and subscribe to the same topics.

Just a thought.

hi @jamesjl

as @ballscrewbob anticipated we have a limit of 1 device per Thing at the moment and a limit of 1 Thing per user.
This is all part of our Beta phase as we move towards expanding possibilities.
Right now we're delivering reliably secure connections and, most importantly, ease of use and incredibly short time to setup :slight_smile:

IoT Cloud has a lot going on behind the curtains, and we look forward to showing you what's cooking.

To reply to @jomoengineer:
unfortunately you won't be able to tap into a topic as the other devices need to be allowed by the platform to communicate with the specific Thing :wink:

Thanks @ubidefeo

I’ll keep my eye out for your updates.

To reply to @jomoengineer:
unfortunately you won’t be able to tap into a topic as the other devices need to be allowed by the platform to communicate with the specific Thing :wink:

Yeah, I attempted to get two devices to connect to the IoT Cloud Thing at the same time and it was not happy. One device will get kicked off so only one will connect as you mentioned.

I tried to get sneaky and use the MQTT lib to connect to another broker that I have running on a Raspberry Pi in an attempt to have a second source of message passing but that does not work. I can not get it to connected to the broker running locally.

However, one thought would to use BLE along with the IoT Cloud connection. The MKR WiFi 1010 should be able to run both, so one device could be a central one running the IoT Cloud Thing connect and the other devices connect and pass messages via BLE. It’s not something I have tried but it is just a thought.