multiple arduino serial communication

I'm trying to get my max msp connected to two different arduino's; sending serial messages by using the max object 'serial a 9600'. Is it possible to send two arduino's different messages, or sending the same message?

With two arduino's connected, my computer chooses one of the two to send it to.

I'm using a macbook by the way. thanks in advance


The Max serial object chooses the com port via the letter (ie a in your example) - so a = com1, b=com 2, etc. When you plug in your arduinos you should be able to see which com port they are using and then use appropriate letter to get data from that port. I know macs don’t call them “com” but I think they are listed in similar order. In your patch you can have 2 serial objects communicating with different com ports. Print out the incoming data to be sure it is working correctly :wink: