Multiple Arduinos

Hi - if you have more than one Arduino board connected, how do you know which board is mapped to each comm port and will this mapping change each time the host pc is rebooted or the Arduinos unplugged and re-inserted. I have an app that requires two boards, they must not mixed up. Thanx

Do you mean within the Arduino environnement or just for a software you’ve written which makes use of both the cards ? In the second option, it would be quite easy to make each Arduino identify itself at boottime or on a request using some kind of ID, possibly (but complicated) an UUID, or just a simple software signature or card signature you’ll hardcode. Then you just write a very short handshaking code which allows the program to identify which card is which.

Thank for the quick response and suggestions, I’ll be using my own program on the host PC, so I’ll give it a go!

this depends on the Operating System the you application is running on. I think there is a solution for all of them. What os will be used?

There are also electronic components (like DS-2401) which acts as a “silicon serial number”… But it’s a much more complicated solution than just hardcoding some id string into your code and sending it to the host computer when asked for.