Multiple ATTiny units communicating?

Hi there all,

I'm working on a project where I'd like to drive a couple of high powered RGBW LEDs on a system, five feet from the main unit of the project. The LEDs need to be disconnectable, and I'm trying to avoid running six wires to them, when I can find four wire solutions so much easier. Is there a way to make a base station run by an ATMega (or similar) and send the data via I2C to a ATTiny units that can actually output the PWM through four drivers? Or am I over complicating, and there's a solution I'm just not thinking of?

Happy to provide more details. I'm not sure what is useful!

Yeah, that could work.... You could do it with three wires though (power ground and data), assuming that master doesn't need communication back from the slaves (with more work, one could even get half duplex over 3 wires to get some sort of return signal....), using something derived from software serial on the attiny receivers (including the builtin software serial named Serial on ATTinyCore, or the SoftwareSerial library), or real serial, depending on which attiny you have in mind....


Thanks DrAzzy! I can't think of a reason I'd need anything back from the slaves, so three wires is even better! I'm still trying to figure out which ATTiny to use, but I'm looking at the ATTiny84 at the moment.
Looking at the SoftwareSerial library, it looks like I can two or three pins on the ATMega to send different values to the different ATTinys, does that sound right? And I can do it without including an RX, to make each one just the three wires?
Thanks again for your help!