Multiple Blinkm Power Supply

I have six Blinkm's that I have programmed with individual light sequences. All of that has gone fine. Now the time has come to hook them up to a power supply, so they can light up 6 lamps on their own. I've seen examples of the Blinkm being taped to a coin cell battery:

But I'd like to hook them all up to one power source so that I can turn them all on/off at the same time. Is there a relatively easy way for me to do this?

Is this a trick question?

You connect all the PWR + and - together and connect them to a suitable power supply.

'Suitable' means 5 V and enough amps. Each BlinkM appears to need 60 ma. 6 of them would need 360ma. A 5v wall wart that puts out at least 360 ma would work. A big enough battery pack would work for a while.

No, it isn't a trick question. I've never done anything like this before - But you've given me the answer I need, so I thank you.