Multiple bluetooth connections?


I'm using the HC-05 bluetooth modul for a project. Officially it should be possible to connect up to seven bluetooth devices to a computer at the same time, but other sources say that in practice between three and four is more realistic. But I need to connect a lot more devices than that at the same time.

Do you guys have any ideas how to archieve this?

If it where possible to have multiple slave moduls for one master hc-05, then I would just set two or three of them as masters, connect the rest to them as slaves, and connect only the masters to my computer. But is this possible? Has anyone tried something like this before?

You can also suggest other bluetooth modules than the hc-05 if you know any which could work with this particular scenario.

Thank you in advance

Your real intentions are far from clear, and a lot may depend on what you mean by "computer" and "devices". It is not even clear if Arduino is involved at all. In theory, you could have a master HC-05 connected to an infinite number of slaves but only one at a time. It is simply a matter of programming the master to poll the slaves.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the hc-05 is used to let the arduino communicate via bluetooth to a notebook.
So you are saying that it is not possible to have multiple slaves connected to one master at the same time?

Does anyone know if there is another bluetooth breakthrough module which would allow this (preferably not an expensive one)?