Multiple BlueTooth Servers on a single Client using

Goal: Replace an RS-485 network.

Background: There are 16 devices that move on rails and each one requires a node in the RS-485 network. My goal is to eliminate complex, expensive and damage-prone cabling with Blue Tooth.

Constraints: 1. All the devices stay within 1 meter of each other and they are encased in a metal frame. 2. Since I just completed a project using the Arduino Ethernet board I would like to use the same board equipped with a BlueTooth module as the client, and then add a similar BT module to the existing devices which will be the BT servers. 3. Communications will be short packets (64 bytes max, could be less) with some sort of error checking, and the servers will respond right away. 4. Servers will only need to respond to the single client, never any other device, but should always link and stay linked to the client. It will be no problem having different BT passwords for each server. 5. There are no restrictions on power or space.

Questions: 1. Can a single BT client handle 8 servers at the same time with out having to reconnect each time? 2. If the answer to 1 is NO, then is implementing a single BT board on the client controller for each BT server unrealistic?

Thank you in advance.