Multiple BMP180 on same board


We want to use 2 BMP 180 Sensors on one board.

we have gone through documentation and found that this can be done by using SOFTI2C libraray.

but we have to modify SFE_BMP180.h

Can anyone suggest or post the code what are the modification to be done in library.

thanks in advance


In the Arduino in the menu is a Library Manager, you can use that to install the SoftwareWire library. That library is not fully tested yet. Which BMP180 library are you using ? Please give a link to it.

If you want to be sure that it is going to work, use a I2C multiplexer :

Newer Bosch sensors are often capable of I2C and SPI, like the BMP280 : That would solve your problem.


do any one have code for using second BMP180 using software I2C library.

Thanks in Advance

Davinder Saini

Sounds like you should use the BMP280 which has two possible addresses. During the last 27 days of no progress, you could have had them delivered and this solved already.